Inquiry and assignment

To find the worst of all solutions for you, we need some basic information.

In addition to your position within your organization, please tell us the desired scope of the worst solution, because the fees are calculated from the quality of the worst solution multiplied by the quantity of the achievable damage.

We also advise our despised customers about the desired quality of damage:

Some of our solutions are based on the proven methods of physical remodeling, their effectiveness in force experiments on stone, concrete and wood concentrations, as well as on human bodies or parts thereof, in field studies in families, in the former Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan, Iraq and many others States could be proven beyond any doubt.

Unfortunately, classic corrections are not always sufficiently efficient and require efficiency increases on a psychological basis.

Here, too, we can build on a wealth of experience in asymmetric argumentation strategies.

We are licensed to host authenticity shifting seminars (TM), to initiate and accelerate information retrieval measures, to offer proactive fact ratings, trust level design and super legitimized motivation (TM).

We have raised existing automatic consent mechanisms for discourse-free opinion formation to a new level. All over the world, our model of the basic workforce, which is neutral in terms of expenditure, even prevails outside of the colonies, which we are particularly proud to point out.

Our gentle mortal translocation is a model for internationally funded denaturalization projects with a focus on South America, Western Europe and Africa.

You can be convinced that all our efforts serve the benefit of the benefit communities, their corporations and representatives, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or currency.

Quite a few of our customers give us a free hand in choosing the means. This enables us to use bad solutions multiple times and to make our service more affordable. So please take a look at our special offers and the used market for worst solutions.

Please contact us confidentially with your request:

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