Special offers and used worst solutions

Special offers

Thanks to the fear of corona, we can offer you a number of additional options at greatly reduced prices:

Restrictions on freedom of movement are currently so in demand that, depending on the desired region, we can grant them a discount of up to 40% due to the synergy.

We are proud to be able to offer you measures to focus the spectrum of opinions as a free allowance from an estimated loss volume of minus ten million life quatity points.

Even discounted or free worst solutions release you from any responsibility for consequences and consequences, as long as you can credibly prove that you only wanted the best. Or you simply claim that you didn’t know anything.

Worst solutions used:

Our most loyal clients often trust the latest worst solutions. But the latest is not always the worst. It is important to weigh this up.

The worst solutions from previous years are by no means part of the old iron, but can still spread their harmful effects to less innovative customers for many years to come.

The worst used solutions have the advantage that they have been able to demonstrate their disadvantages in the past.

Their strength lies in their nostalgic charm and romantic idealization of history. They give us a feeling of trust and security.

Democratic values ​​are among the most common declines that we have seen in recent years. Their harmfulness is incomprehensibly discussed controversially, although ideas such as freedom, equality and fraternity have repeatedly proven their unrealisability. One more reason for us to refer to these old bad solutions.

The belief in reason, a dispensable relic from the time of the Enlightenment, is continuously losing importance and is therefore being replaced. When used in a results-oriented manner, this classic car also performs outstandingly in post-factual times, especially in neo-intellectual milieus.

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