the 13Flocken

The 13Flocken (“Flocke” is german for “flake”) are a story, a crazy idea, a media art project and a free grouping of independent artists of all kinds.

The worst solution for every problem. That is the motto of the consulting agency this story is about.

This idea came about as part of a discussion about the meaning and nonsense of the consumer and affluent society. Nobody needs suggestions for the worst solution, so the spontaneous devaluation of this idea. Cynics, on the other hand, believe the world is already under the control of such ominous agencies.

The discussion of “the worst solution” brought many other aspects into the discussion. The ostensible craziness of this idea unleashed hidden creative powers. It turned out that this idea is not that stupid, since it presents existing problems from a completely different perspective.

The world is really not short of problems at the moment. Battles are being fought over the causes and possible solutions that have long since deserved the term “discussion”. Depending on personal opinion, facts are interpreted as supposed truths and used as a weapon against those who think differently, independent thinking is replaced by faith.

In this Verdun of facts and fakes, free thinking is almost impossible without being immediately seized or attacked by one or the other side. The compulsion to think or do the “right” thing in this situation paralyzes thinking, suppresses new ideas and creative approaches. The approach of looking for the “worst” releases this inhibition. You don’t look for guilty people, not even for real solutions, you are only provoked to think for yourself.

The motif of the 13Flocken is to convey this unusual creative technique. In addition, we found unbelievable, crazy stories as a suitable means to playfully distance yourself from the trench warfare. We chose the Internet as the medium, especially the ubiquitous cell phone, to present these stories to a wide audience.

We intend to tell many more episodes. In order to do this, we ask for your support.

A new narrative form was specially developed for the first episode: a mixture of movie and cartoon, which we called touch toon.

Please take into account in your comments or emails that the 13Flocken are both real people and characters in a fictional story you can communicate with.

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