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the consulting agency 13Flocken

The worst solution for every problem.

Unfortunately, I was unable to stop them from visiting the website of 13Flocken, the consulting agency that finds the worst solution for every problem.

Flake Slade, the founder of the 13Flocken consulting agency.

It seems like you can’t really convince all the good solutions and well-intentioned suggestions, can you? How many times does the new powder wash now whiter than before? Or a competitive product?

Ten times? A hundred or a thousand? Thousands? Obviously you were fooled, there can only be one best solution. We, the 13Flocken, promise to find the worst solution. No one knows if this is really the case, but you lack the comparison. Who besides the 13Flocken offers you the worst solution for every problem?

Flocke, the worst employee of the 13Flocken.

I founded this consulting agency together with Flocke. It is not my concern to solve any problems, to make the world better or worse.
The truth is very banal: I can’t do anything else as find the worst solution.

Whatever I touch, start or join in, everything ends up going absolutely reliably in ruin. I used to think it was bad luck, but since Flockes and my paths have crossed, I see it as a valuable treasure.

While Flocke leaves everything to chance and thus gives chaos the best chance of spreading, I identify the worst options and improve them to perfucktion.

Our services are valued by leading companies, politicians and NGOs worldwide. There are almost no wrong decisions where the 13Flocken would not have at least a partial income.

One of the most loyal clients of the 13Flocken.

It doesn’t matter whether a war breaks out somewhere, or a famine, whether the environment is destroyed or the climate catastrophe is denied, whether people fall ill or become impoverished, or preferably both at the same time, and a few benefit from it, each time we have made our contribution, that the world is getting a little worse.

Really everyone can afford the service of the 13Flocken.

Our optimization is not yet complete. The creative destruction is a never-ending creative process, which is unfortunately slowed down by consideration, humanity and sustainability fantasies.

If you find that post-christian, neo-social tendencies persist or spread in your company, in your organization, state or private criminal organization, then you are not afraid to commission the 13Flocken with the worst solution.

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