the worst solution

When struggling for solutions, our position often prevents us from following other arguments or thinking processes or even developing them further. The commonality, the unifying element is missing in the discussions and culminates in the pseudo-report: “We agree that we do not agree.”

Creating a common basis is the background idea of ​​the imaginary agency of “13Flocken”, which has set itself the goal of finding the worst of all solutions for every problem.

At first glance, it seems senseless to look for the worst solution, since it obviously doesn’t want to solve the problem. But the search for the worst solution frees the discussion participants from the obligation to have to enforce their own opinion.

The problem in question appears from a completely different perspective, opponents become allies who can rely entirely on their creativity, free of their values.

These discussions don’t care about conventions and morals, on the contrary. The more that violates laws and decency, the more effective the solutions developed. The criminal creativity of everyone is allowed to let off steam, good bad ideas amuse the participants in the discussion and provoke them to spin on other people’s ideas. The task of finding the worst of all solutions decouples the topic from the participants in the discussion with their personal sensitivities.

Classic opponents of the discussion become allies and accomplices when planning an attack on morality, decency and reason. They learn as a team to pull together, with the rest of the world as their opponent.

The search for the worst solution is a creativity technique that primarily uses humor and idle criminal energy. It has a stimulating, playful, amusing and highly motivating effect on the participants.

Good worst solutions should be plausible and feasible. Good worst solutions only develop their toxicity on closer inspection. They encourage a thorough, in-depth examination of the topic in order to achieve the greatest possible damage with the least effort.

The possible damage must be weighed against each other, so new aspects are constantly being discussed. The impact assessment and the consideration of interactions come to the fore. It is a truism: the good solution for some means the bad solution for others.

For tasks from your own environment, the search for the worst solutions reveals relationships that have not been known or suppressed so far. It shows weaknesses and errors in the previous argumentation and can lead to uncertainty and doubts.

The results are personal insights and eye-opening experiences that can first be digested and can lead to a change in attitude.

The comparison of the worst solutions found with the known solutions can also lead to irritation. Cause and effect are often exchanged, the search for the worst solution restores logic.

The search for the worst solution reveals propaganda lies and is not suitable to provide false solutions.

Their danger lies in the relentless openness of their knowledge.

These conclusions make the idea of ​​”finding the worst solution” a dangerous idea. It serves relentless education and is therefore difficult to offer or market directly as a usable creativity technique.

For this reason, “Searching for the worst solution” is not used as an established creativity technique, nor as a possibility of provocation technique. Even the method of reversal only dares to let off steam on limited playing fields without reversing the underlying narratives.

However, the search for the worst solution turns the value system upside down and uses dark, anti-social and criminal motivation to initiate new ideas.

Your goal is not to identify with these ideas and to suggest bad solutions or even to implement them. However, it enables bad solutions to be identified as such, even if they are touted as good solutions.

The own train of thought and the resulting knowledge promotes cognitive dissonance and can lead to a permanent change in attitudes and actions.

This is the aim of the 13Flocken: to playfully examine the narratives of our social model and to draw personal conclusions from them.

The story of the agency, which finds the worst solution for every problem, presents this creativity technique in its narratives and also describes the underlying psychological and educational processes in the course of the narrative. Packed in humor and disguised as satirical entertainment, it appears at first glance to be easy to consume.

WARNING: Finding the worst solution can be the worst solution!

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