touch toon (en)

Touch toons combine the best or worst from the world of film and cartoons and are optimized for mobile phones.

As in a movie, the current scene takes up the entire screen, a touch or click on the right edge of the screen always leads to the next content. These can be speech and thought bubbles from the cartoon world or new picture content. The images are not necessarily static, as in a cartoon, but are zoomed and moved.

The linear narrative form supports classic argumentation. The back function enables you to page back like a book. In contrast to interactive forms of narration, which allow individual discovery of a story, the author does not lose control over the chronological and logical sequence. In touch toons, the complexity of the scene increases step by step until the next cut.

In addition to storytelling, the ubiquity of the mobile phone also makes it ideal for parallel documentation and tutorials in all situations.

Zooming and panning within the images support relationships and motivate them through movement, even without complex animations. Touch toons are more lively storyboards, half cartoon, half movie.

In cartoons, several images can usually be seen at the same time and are therefore in competition with each other. As in movies, touch toons only show the current scene without distractions.

With touch toons, the reader / viewer determines the speed of the playback. They are therefore also suitable for restless environments, such as public transport or under the school desk (attention: worst solution!).

The operation of touch toons is simple and intuitive and therefore does not distract from the content.

All texts are stored centrally in a file, so language variants can be easily generated.

Touch toons developed by the 13Flocken run in every browser with JavaScript support, on PCs and on smart phones.

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